CRMA Free Teaching Materials & Simulator

Are you a faculty member preparing your hospitality students for a career in revenue management or ensuring that your students have an understanding of revenue optimization principles no matter what path their hospitality career takes?  Do you want to add to your toolbox new teaching materials designed by industry professionals to take your students to the next level?

Our CRMA Toolbox includes: slides (sample below), individual and small group exercises, curated readings and take-home assignments, Revenue Management simulator, all geared towards preparing your students for HSMAI’s Certified Revenue Management Analyst exam and designation.

Revenue Management Simulator is an interactive Revenue Management game that allows users to develop their RM acumen. The simulation allows self-paced play against a simulated competitor or interactive play as participants go head-to-head in a fully competitive environment. The simulation allows participants to understand RM dynamics in a competitive environment while allowing them to realize the moderating effects of marketing as the game allows participants to use marketing to improve placement at OTAs or drive direct demand with PPC efforts. It is the first RM simulation truly designed to understand the dynamics and integrated role of traditional allocation based RM, pricing, distribution and digital marketing!

Sample PowerPoint Slides